Calibration Facilities




Rockertek's accredited calibration facility

A traceable, accredited calibration certificate is needed if a plant operates according to a quality system, such as the ISO 9000 quality system and/or if the company must provide proof of measurements and traceability to their customers. Regular recalibrations of the calibration equipment also ensure that high quality of specifications is maintained.

Rockertek’s ISO 17025 accredited, state-of-the-art calibration facility provides recalibration services for a wide range of calibration products and different measurement signals. The calibration facility provides recalibration services for temperature, pressure and electrical signals.

Rockertek has had a calibration facility since the 1990s. The facility was granted its first accreditation in 2001. Today, Rockertek also has an accredited temperature laboratory.


Rockertek’s calibration facility has been accredited and approved by TLAS.


Rockertek's accredited calibration facility provides calibration services for the following quantities:

DC current
DC voltage
On-site Calibration

Main benefits

  • High-quality and ISO 17025 accredited, state-of-the-art equipment
  • Regular recalibrations maintain the high quality of specifications
  • Extensive calibration know-how and experience
  • Wide range of calibration services available (pressure, temperature, electrical signals)
  • Services include recalibration, adjustment and repair tasks