ALMEMO® Measuring instruments for any variables

portable and stationary universal measuring instruments, data logger, data acquisition systems as PC interface with display and servers.

ALMEMO® Reference devices

High-precision measuring instruments for reference and calibration laboratories for quality assurance.


Temperature sensors NiCr-Ni thermocouples, Pt100 and NTC, thermo wires and compensation lines,
thermo connectors.

Air humidity, Dew point

Capacitive humidity sensors, sensors for conduit mounting and transmitters, psychrometers,
dew point transmitters, sensors for measuring moisture in materials.

Air flow

Rotating vanes, position-independent pressure modules for differential and pressure tube measurements,
Pitot tubes, thermoanemometers.

Pressure, Force, Displacement, Speed, Flow, Sound level

pressure sensors, transmitters, temperature measurement for refrigerants, tension and compression sensors, displacement sensors and tracers, rotational speed, sensors, turbine flow meters, sound level meter.

Electrical variables

Split core type transformers, measuring module for DC voltage, true/effective modules for AC voltage, optical probes for current meters.

Room air aonditions and Meteorology

Meteo-Multisensor, Mobile weather station, comfort index measurement, WBGT measurement, wind velocity and wind direction sensors, rainfall sensor, radiation sensors, barometric pressure transducers.

Construction physics, moisture content

Measuring thermal transmittance (U) and heat flow Heat Flow PLates Capacitive ALMEMO®-D humidity sensor, Moisture in materials, Water detection probe.

Optical radiation

Precision probe heads for luminous intensity, UV radiation, radiometric probe head, photosynthesis probe head, luminance probe head, light flux probe head (Ulbricht globe photometer).

Water analysis

Portable case with data logger and sensor equipment for ground water quality tests, pH value and redox electrodes.
Through the complete electrical isolation of the measuring inputs it is possible to use only one single ALMEMO device to simultaneously measure various chemical variables, and use several probes in one sampling vessel without having any mutual influences of the probes!

Gas concentration in air

Sensors for carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide, and ozone transducers.
Sensors for NO2, NO, NH3, Ci2, H2S, and so on are connectable to ALMEMO® devices.
They are available on request.

AMiR infrared sensors

Infrared transmitters, infrared measuring heads.


AMR-Control, Win-Control for industrial applications, Measuring value server, Web server, RMT Win Control

Win-Control the software for data acquisition and measured data processing